Built in the style of an intimate village to help create a real sense of community, Kitesurfer's nest comprises 18 Casas da Mata (large villas) and 28 Casas da Vila (smaller villas) complemented by communal areas and facilities.

In harmony with their beautiful surroundings, these properties feature a rustic yet chic design with whitewashed walls, blue wooden shutters and tiled roofs. Key materials include locally sourced stone and wood as well as fibres from the carnaúba palm which is native to northern Brazil.
Casa Vila (small villa) example
Casa Mata (larger villa) example
When you're away
At Atobá, life goes on when you're not there. And whether you choose to let it generate income through others enjoying it or simply keep it to yourself until you return, your place next to the beach will be watched over and managed.

From handling check-in and out, to preparing your home for you or your guests, the Atobá team will be on hand. Also, with the international experience and success behind the team, understanding the differences that curated decoration and photography can make to the maximising of rentability, you are in a safe pair of hands.

Airport transfers / Yoga sessions / Childcare / Water sports activities / Wellness treatments / Alfresco dinners (dune, sunsets & lagoon picnics) / Fishing & horse riding trips /Electric bike tours / Cooking experiences