A cosy village of 46 beachfront homes with the view of creating a community around a shared love of kitesurfing, in one of the world's best kiting destinations: Jericoacoara & Preá, in Ceará, Brazil.
Atobá is an original lifestyle and experience-oriented hybrid between hospitality and property development tailor-made for kitesurfers, their family and friends with the vision of being a sustainable beachside community for kitesurfers and nature lovers in northeastern Brazil.

Whether you buy a place to vacation, or as a rental property, Atobá represents a smart investment and lifestyle opportunity. Caressed by some of the world's most generous winds, this beachside paradise sure gives you a new art of living.

Perched on a spectacular stretch of beach just east of Jericoacoara, which we refer to as "Jeripreá", the best kite spot in Ceará state, Atobá is a collection of simple but elegant serviced homes designed for those who want to share authentic experiences and build lasting memories. Thanks to a hassle-free, transparent management programme which maintains the property and manages rentals to generate revenue, these properties also give their owners peace of mind.
Whilst the community is built around kitesurfing, it's also so much more. It's a place to step out of the daily grind and take stock of the things that really matter; a place to recharge flagging batteries and reconnect with the family and the natural world.

With a new airport just 10 kilometres away, the mission at the heart of Atobá is simple: to facilitate whatever kind of experience it is that you want, at any given moment. Can't think of anything better than waking up with the sun, getting geared up and hitting the water and riding an epic downwind to Jericoacoara? Atobá's unique kite in, kite out approach makes that possible by bringing all the necessary kitesurfing gear and services right to your doorsteps — no schlepping or organising required. But what if you find yourself in need of a stiff dose of dolce far niente? Imagine soaking up the sun on the porch of your bungalow and watching the hypnotic rhythms of the local fishermen to the sound the pounding waves. That's also Atobá. Sunset caipirinhas? A community bonfire? A safe play space for the kids? All of that is Atobá too.

Your tribe awaits you.

Why choose Atobá?
One of the world's fastest-growing sports, kitesurfing attracts enthusiasts who travel from the far corners of the earth to catch the best winds in the most idyllic locations. Once a deserted piece of land, Jericoacoara is now considered one of the top spots for kiting and is the stage for the GKA Kite World Tour championship. The region is developing with new residences, restaurants, shops and kite schools cropping up. However, due to federal laws restricting building, the area remains protected which is good for its outstanding natural beauty and keeps the demand for property high and the supply low, leading to expected price rises in the future and strong potential for rental occupation.
One of the world's fastest-growing sports and will become an Olympic sport in 2024
Destination creators
Designed by experts with a proven track record
Perfect kiting conditions
Guaranteed winds throughout the eight-month season
Growing area
Development & tourism on the rise with rental potential & property prices set to increase
National Park status
An area of outstanding natural beauty, protected by building restrictions
New airport
Easy access is increasing tourism and rental potential in the area
"He was not bone and feather but a perfect idea of freedom and flight, limited by nothing at all"
– Richard Bach
Atobá is located between Barrinha and Preá, on the west coast of the state of Ceará. A preserved and heavenly region known for its vast dunes and abundant winds. It is approximately 9 km from Jericoacoara National Park and 12 km from the new regional airport.
Atobá is made up of just 46 properties, tucked discreetly into a beautiful piece of beachfront land, bringing a wide range of amenities into this wild and rustic setting. The community also includes a pool, a yoga and meditation space, entertainment towers, a restaurant and the kiters' lounge, which is the main communal space and spiritual heart of Atobá. Everything you need to practise kitesurfing in safety and security is also there—from a hangar and a maintenance area to an observation tour and first aid. A new airport that's just a 25-minute drive away makes the trip a snap.

Because this stretch of coastline is one of the most spectacular spots on the planet, we didn't have to look far for inspiration. The buildings that make up Atobá are made largely out of local stone and wood, as well as carnaúba palm fibres. While inside they offer state-of-the-art comforts, outside, our homes embody the traditional charm of northeastern Brazil. Nícia Bormann's landscape project enhances the local vegetation and creates circulation areas that allow different routes and encounters. The venture harmonizes with the cultural surroundings with an authentic and conscious aesthetic result.
Built area
46 villas
Number of units
During construction, we took great pains to limit the community's impact on the surrounding ecosystem, using the latest forestry techniques to transplant native trees, bushes, and palms whenever possible and making sure the landscaping didn't disturb the pools of water that form during the rainy season, which are crucial to the local flora and fauna. In addition, all of the structures on the beach and in sensitive areas are temporary and made out of wood. Solar panels take advantage of the area's seemingly never-ending sunshine to generate energy, while windmills harness the power of the region's other abundant natural resource—its constantly blowing winds.
About us
In order to bring this unique project to fruition, Atobá has a large team of respected professionals behind it who've been instrumental in developing other sustainable projects in the region.